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Many companies claim to be customer-centric without ever truly taking the time to determine what that really means or how to get there. At Othniel Consulting, we take change management consulting to a new level; helping organizations develop and implement the strategy that positions the customer at the centre of every key business decision.

We also manage the people elements of a new call centre, brand ambassadors working with you to design your operating model and manage the recruitment of all levels of your people, from senior managers and frontline leaders, to call handling personnel.

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Customer Experience Management (CEM) Solutions

CEM continuum assessment and mapping

Customer service training

Contact Centre Support Solutions

Customer Service Strategy Development

Contact Centre Start-Ups

Call Centre Outsourcing

Conference/Event management

Home grown and global conference

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Telemarketing (Inbound and Outbound services)

Business Consulting

Business Insurance

Global Investigation

Audit & Evaluation

Marketing Strategy